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About The Rosefield

Learn more about our farm!

Our 160 acre farm was very overgrown and neglected when we added our first flock of sheep in 1983.  Today, approximately 75 sheep, 20 donkeys, and numerous horses, beef cattle, alpacas, goats, angora bunnies, chickens, guinea hens, dogs, and cats call The Rosefield home.  The farm is now green with a patchwork of rotational pastures, hay fields and wooded areas.  Our new way of life is very rewarding, and we are quite proud of the numerous products and fibers we produce.

The "Country Store" at The Rosefield offers a variety of unique, handmade products, including luxurious soaps and lotions.  Our angora bunnies, sheep and alpacas provide us with wool to develop soft, blended rovings, handspun yarns and hard-to-find items such as curls for needle felting and crafts. Our fiber is washed using the cold water method - never with an acid wash or other abrasive materials.  All of our processed fiber is then rinsed with Eucalan to condition it to deter harmful moths.

Angora Bunnies: There are approximately 70 bunnies (English, German and German hybrids) in our rabbitry that produce fiber and roving of all colors. If you are a handspinner or crafter, we would be happy to help you find the perfect fiber. Each of our bunnies is handled with care during its entire life, including during the grooming process when its fiber is harvested. After all, a happy bunny produces much more fiber!


Guardian Donkeys:  Our guardian donkeys are fully conditioned for their job. They are born and grazed in the pasture with cattle, sheep and alpacas for excellent livestock protection and control of predators like coyotes.  They know what poultry, geese and guinea fowl are.  They are tested for any of the special conditions they may encounter at your farm.  Contact us for availability.

Sheep:  Our flock is made up of Leicester Longwool, Shetland and Merino Sheep.


"My Daughter's Recipe" homemade lotion, soap and lip balm:  Our lotion is made using Aloe Gel and a blend of natural oils.  We add no water or alcohol.  Our soap is made using an old-fashioned, cold process method - just a blend of natural oils and good old fashioned lye. The lotion and soap are available in a variety of fragrances, including our most popular Honey Almond; White Tea & Ginger; Lavender; Lilac; Lite Citrus; Cool Mint; Patchouli; and Natural (unscented).  NEW: We now have homemade lip balm available in lots of yummy flavors including: Amaretto, Banana, Blackberry Pomegranate, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Caramel Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, Island Delight, Natural, Orange Cream, Root Beer, Spearmint and Strawberry.